About Us

The Urasenke London branch is one of many branches of the Urasenke Foundation. Our main aim is to introduce and spread knowledge of Chado, The Way of Tea, a Japanese tradition with more than 400 years of history. We disseminate the Way of Tea through lectures, demonstrations, and training. London Branch activities are supported by Tankokai UK Association.

Tankokai UK Association

Tankokai UK is formed mainly by practitioners of the Way of Tea. The UK Association activities started in 2009 with chado presentations in schools. In 2011, Tankokai UK was officially launched in London by Urasenke XV Grand Master Genshitsu Sen.
Tankokai Associations can be found around the world. Members support the Urasenke activities in their communities as well as deepen their chado knowledge through study groups and training.
For further information contact tankoukai.uk@gmail.com.


Keiko (lessons) at the London branch are given in traditional Japanese manner. Those already practicing chado are welcome to start keiko at any time. Beginners and intermediate levels practice on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Advanced-level keiko is on selected dates. Contact us for keiko enquiries.

Introduction to Chado

The British Museum monthly chado presentations consist of a brief talk followed by matcha-making in the chashitsu (tea room). 30 minutes.

Where: The British Museum, Mitsubishi Galleries, 5th floor, rooms 92-94
When: 2nd and 4th Friday
Times: 2pm and 3 pm
Open to the public. Free. Just drop in.
Presentations given by Urasenke.

NOTE: The British Museum chado presentations are on hold temporarily. Check updates on The British Museum website.

- Keiko Locations -

Keiko (lessons or training) are offered at the following locations.

Urasenke London Branch

Contact: Miho Kimura
4 Langton Way, London, SE3 7TL

London Chado Group

Contact: Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
Central London (Covent Garden)

West Sussex Chado Group

Contact: Yuko Nishiwaki
Albourne Hassocks, West Sussex
+44 07756 504845

Berkshire Study Group

Contact: Sumie Takahashi
"Hawthorns", 15 Cannon Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 3NR
+44 1628 823 876